Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Well-Rooted Pediatrics’ Blog! My name is Jessica Pawlicki and I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, certified from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, with a Family Nurse Practitioner title, specializing in Pediatrics ((phew)).

I wanted to start writing to you all to share knowledgeable information regarding different ailments with the focus on an alternative and integrative approach.

One of the biggest questions that I get from parents is WHY? WHY did I get into natural medicine? WHY am I different from everyone else who doesn’t give them choices or options? HOW did I get here? I am going to take a moment and explain that all to you from my point of view.

From a little girl, I always wanted to be a nurse. I loved children and loved helping others. I was always worried about other people and if there was a child or a baby around, just call me the “baby whisperer”.  When I got into nursing school, my favorite rotation was Medical/Oncology. These patients needed a different type of help, but the families needed it too. I knew that was my calling. When I graduated, I worked in oncology/hospice for 3 years. During that time, I knew that I wanted to do more with my career and oversee my patient’s treatment plans.

Since I’ve been a nurse practitioner, I have worked in Pediatrics. The first clinic was a very conventional clinic with no alternative talk or motion. The second was about half and half. While in my last position, I knew that I wanted it to be 100%, not 50/50 or 80/40. I wanted to be ethical to my patients and their treatment plans and treat them like they deserved to be treated. I wanted a 100% family approach so that when people walked in, it felt like home. When kids were afraid to go to the clinic, they were now happy to come. When the parents felt they weren’t apart of the decision-making process, they were now the most involved as possible. With 6 months of planning and prepping, Well- Rooted Pediatrics came about. I focus on the ROOT cause of illness and our goal is to remove medications, not add to them. Do I still prescribe medication? Yes. There are times and places for allopathic medication, but we still are focusing on the WHY and how to heal after that medication is administered.

I never knew I had options as a parent. I never knew I could make choices. I did not know the laws. My child’s pediatrician knew my concern and my fear but didn’t address it. Have you been in this situation? It is the WORST feeling as a parent. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT. That is something I always say to parents. Your gut instinct about YOUR child is stronger than anyone else’s.  

But you don’t take insurance? No, I do not, and I will tell you why. In the world that we live in, I want parents and families to be in charge of their care and not allow an insurance company to dictate it. I don’t want you to be a number, but a person. I want to discuss the treatment plan that should be taken, not someone behind a desk, with no medical experience, to tell me that I can’t do that or must try something else for it to be covered. I don’t want to order labs and have insurance call me and say I need additional diagnoses for coverage because what is really going on is not enough for them. It just doesn’t make sense!

You will never feel alone at Well-Rooted Pediatrics.
I am here to support you in every step of your child’s health.
A healthy child is the goal for the future.