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Welcome to Well-Rooted Pediatrics’ Blog! My name is Jessica Pawlicki and I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, certified from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, with a Family Nurse Practitioner title, specializing in Pediatrics.

May: Focus on Gut Health

– May 1, 2019 –
Hopefully we have a TON of flowers this month for what the month of April gave us.Let’s talk about GUT RESTORATION and GUT HEALTH. 

Wellness Wednesday: Why do we need Vitamin D?

– June 5, 2019 –
Vitamin D is crucial to our health. Find our more about why and the best way to make sure you’re getting enough to keep your body at optimal health. 

Wellness Wednesday: Why is sunscreen so toxic?

– June 12, 2019 –
Our skin is our LARGEST organ! It is very porous, especially in the heat. When we place chemicals onour skin, it absorbs into our bloodstream and in some cases and ages, reaches our blood-brain barrier.

Wellness Wednesday: DIY First Aid Kit

– June 19, 2019 –
It is always good to carry a little first aid kit in your backpack, diaper bag or purse for those situations in which you are not home but need your natural solutions.

Wellness Wednesday: DIY Bug Repellent 

– June 26, 2019 –
Let’s talk about Bug Repellent! Those little pests can be super irritating and can cause our little ones to be quite uncomfortable. Remember, our skin is our biggest organ and will absorb the chemicals that we feed it. We need to take caution when using products on our skin.

Wellness Wednesday: Focus on the Root Cause (Not the easy fix!)

– July 3, 2019 –
We have all been in a situation where we have had aches, pains or a headache and have reached for the instant relief of Tylenol or Ibuprofen. But what is that doing? It is temporarily blocking those receptors so that we don’t “feel” the pain. It’s only a band-aid, a quick fix, not the solution. 

Wellness Wednesday: How Can We Restore Our Gut Microbiome?

– July 10, 2019 –
Pharmacology is currently looking at products on how they can restore our normal flora inside our inside cells. They are taking this science and twisting it and making synthetic drugs/compounds to fix the problem.