Pharmacology is currently looking at products on how they can restore our normal flora inside our inside cells. They are taking this science and twisting it and making synthetic drugs/compounds to fix the problem. 

We need more nutritional support to change our gut microbiome. Our focus is how to change the microbiome from being dysfunctional to how to get it functioning properly.

Chronic illness has 2 features that make it dysfunctional: 


    • Lack of diversity – the more diverse the healthier you are. Studies show that longevity increases if it’s all balanced properly
    • Lack of bacteria or “keystone” strains – all protective organisms are being eaten by our foods- pesticides and junk food is only eating away and not strengthening our bowels.

You will never be able to reseed your gut. There are strains in your gut, anaerobic bacteria (meaning oxygen-dependent bacteria), that are alive in our gut, but they are just not enough.

You need a probiotic that can go in and recondition the gut, not replace the strains. We want to make it a healthy place for these good anaerobic bacteria to multiply and thrive.

Let’s use a garden analogy – you are keeping your garden healthy, but the more it rains and the more chemicals hit your garden, the more it continues to wilt away. If you were to toss a handful of seeds into the garden, you just hope that a few will take so that your garden can grow again – same with probiotics. They are seeds placed in our gut to help multiply our good bacteria that are already present. No lab can replace these anaerobic strains of bacteria. They don’t breathe the same oxygen – it will never be the same.

Now let’s say that we hire an intelligent gardener who can go in weed out the garden, cover it from the chemicals and focus deeply on the soil – this is like reconditioning your gut.

We aren’t just taking the chance of throwing seeds into the garden in the middle of the acid rain, we are focusing 1:1 on this replenish.