It is always good to carry a little first aid kit in your backpack, diaper bag or purse for those situations in which you are not home but need your natural solutions.

Here are 6 things that I feel you should always have on you (there are plenty more that could be used as well):

1. Nux Vomica

2. Apis

3. Lavender Essential Oil

4. Colloidal Silver Spray

5. Bandages

6. Arnica (oral or gel)

Nux Vomica- is a homeopathic remedy made from the seeds of an evergreen tree. It works quickly and efficiently for stomach related illnesses; nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, food poisoning.  When kids decide to get sick, there is no knowing when it is going to happen. Putting a pellet in their mouth at the start of symptoms works quickly and stops symptoms in their tracks. I have used this remedy on a handful of occasions and always comes in handy.

Apis mellifica- is a homeopathic and is prepared from the Western or European honey bee. This remedy has several uses, but it’s my favorite to recommend for bug bites and bee stings. It works well to bring down edema and help with itching. Even with poison ivy and contact dermatitis or hives, Apis comes in handy.

Lavender Oil– Lavender is a MUST have! Applying lavender to a bug bite or bee sting right after it happened with help with the itching and burning/pain sensation. Sunburn? Apply lavender! Scrape? Apply lavender! Having a meltdown? APPLY LAVENDER!! Are you catching on? Lavender has so many medicinal properties and can help with several different ailments. Conveniently, make a roller ball already diluted with fractioned coconut oil.

Colloidal Silver Spray– You may be thinking, what do I need Colloidal Silver spray for? This is another great remedy for sunburn. It also is a quick “clean and rinse” of a fresh knee scrape that your kiddo got while running at the park. It is natural antimicrobial and will help to keep all the bad germs out without hurting the skin tissue.

Bandages– This is a no brainer!!! But check these out!!! Natural Bandages! Organic and Natural! Talk about cool.

Arnica Montana– is a homeopathic and is perhaps the best-known homeopathic remedy for injuries and bruising to soft tissues. From sprains, strains, bumps and bruises, this is a great go to. It also helps wonderfully with pain!